Out Of Hours

In the case of an emergency when the surgery is closed, you should still ring the surgery on 020 8651 1222. Calls received then will be diverted to our out-of-hours provider who will ask about your symptoms and will be able to arrange for you to be seen by a doctor or other health care professional as appropriate. If your problem is of a non-urgent nature they will be able to offer you self-care advice or advise you to contact the surgery when it opens.

call 111 when it's less urgent than 999

This service is currently provided by NHS 111 (see links below).


Your local NHS Croydon
NHS Croydon
Leon House
233 High Street
Croydon CR0 9XT

Tel No 020 8274 6000
Or Online at www.croydon.nhs.uk

For more information on NHS 111 please go to the following sites:

Croydon GP Hubs

Croydon GP Hubs Service changes

Please be advised that from 1st September 2019  service times for the GP Hubs are changing.

The Hubs will be open to walk-in patients from  8am to 6:30pm

Bookable evening and weekend appointments are now available, and can be booked by your GP Surgery or by calling NHS 111.

People who live or work in Croydon have access to a wide range of urgent care services including booked appointments within three GP Hubs, seven days a week, if you require medical assistance that cannot wait for you to see your own GP.

To access a Croydon GP Hub, call 111. Find out more on www.croydongphub.co.uk, locations and travel information for the hubs are mentioned below.


  • 10 minutes drive from nearest A&E department (Croydon University Hospital).
  • Car: Free & Paid Parking Available within 2 minutes walk
  • Tram: 3 minute walk from Lebanon Road Tram Stop
  • Train: 5 minutes walk from East Croydon Train Station
  • Bus: Routes 64, 119, 194, 198, 433, 466
  • Address: East Croydon Medical Centre, 59 Addiscombe Road, CR0 6SD


  • 12 minutes drive from nearest A&E department (Croydon University Hospital).
  • Car: Free & Paid Parking Available within 2 minutes walk
  • Train: 6 minutes walk from Purley Train Station
  • Bus: Routes 60, 166, 289, 405, 407, 412, 455 & 466
  • Address: Purley War Memorial Hospital, 856 Brighton Road, CR8 2YL


  • 16 minutes drive from nearest A&E department (Princess Royal University Hospital)
  • Car: Free Parking Available outside
  • Tram: 1 minute walk from New Addington Tramlink
  • Bus: Routes 64, 130, 314, 464, 664
  • Address: Parkway Health Centre, Parkway, New Addington, CR0 0JA

Get The Right Treatment In Croydon

If you require medical assistance:

What’s the best choice for you?

Call 111 if you are unsure and need expert advice.

Do you have a minor illness or injury such as a cough, cold, small cuts or bruises?
Treat yourself at home with a well-stocked medicine cupboard and first aid materials

Do you need advice about your minor illness or injury?
Think ‘Pharmacy First’ and visit your local pharmacy

Do you need advice fast but it’s not an emergency?
Call 111 for expert advice about where to go for medical help

Do you need care for an ongoing illness or injury that isn’t life threatening?
Call your local GP practice. If you need to see your GP out of hours call 111

Do you need urgent care without an appointment for an illness or condition that isn’t life threatening?
Visit a minor injuries unit, the GP walk-in service, or Urgent Care Centre.

If you have a very serious or life threatening illness
Dial 999, or go immediately to your nearest A&E department.

Register with a local doctor TODAY
Save time next time you need an appointment by registering today
with your local GP. It is quick and easy. Visit www.nhs.net or phone
the practice you want to register with for more information.

  • GP-Led Minor Injuries Units
    Minor injuries / cuts and bruises / burns and strains

    If you need urgent care, without an appointment, visit the minor injuries units at:

    Purley War Memorial Hospital
    856 Brighton Road
    Purley CR8 2YL
    Tel:  020 8401 3000
    Open: 2pm - 8pm, 365 days a year

    Parkway Health Centre
    Croydon CR0 0JA
    Tel: 020 8251 7225
    Open:  2pm - 8pm, 365 days a year

  • GP-Led Health Centre / Walk In

    Minor illnesses and infections / minor injuries / bruises and strains / minor cuts and burns / emergency contraception

    If you need urgent care without an appointment visit the GP-led health centre:

    Edridge Road Health Centre
    Edridge Road
    Croydon CR9  1PJ
    Tel: 020 3040 0800
    Open:  8am - 8pm, 365 days a year

  • Urgent Care Centre

    Illnesses, infections and rashes / cuts and bruises / burns and strains / suspected fractures

    If you have an urgent but non-life-threatening illness or condition, visit the Urgent Care Centre. 

    Croydon University Hospital
    530 London Road
    Croydon CR9 1PJ
    Tel: 020 8401 3000
    Open: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Emergency Dental Service

SWLUDC Smile Dental Triage Ltd out of hours is also available. You can contact the service by using the details below:
Tel: 020 3402 1333

Mondays to Fridays - 5.00pm to 10.00pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays - 9.00am - 10.00pm

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