Data Protection GDPR

Please note: Telephone and video is in use across the Practice and in response to government guidelines you may be offered this.  We may ask you to share photo’s with us – if you share photo’s with us we will presume you are happy for the photo’s to be stored in your health care record unless you tell us otherwise.

You can also see our Privacy Policy below for a detailed explanation of how we use your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018

Data Protection (GDPR)

How we use your medical records

Child-Friendly Explanation of GDPR

GDPR Patient Information

Subject Access Request

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice - Commissioning, Planning, Risk Stratification, Patient Identification

Privacy Notice - Direct Care - Emergencies Policy (PDF, 212KB)

Privacy Notice - Direct Care (routine care and referrals)

Privacy Notice - National screening programmes

Privacy Notice - NHS Digital

Privacy Notice - Payments

Privacy Notice - Safeguarding

Privacy Notice for Summary Care Record

Public Health Privacy Notice

Connecting Your Care Privacy Notice

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