Did Not Attends


Have you ever wondered why you can’t get an appointment at the surgery? Or why you cannot get the appointment you want?

Please don’t take it out on the reception staff, they get frustrated too.

One reason is the number of patients who book appointments and then do not cancel and do not turn up.

Below are the figures for January - December 2016.

Dr Jasper 84
Dr Cockell 92
Dr Galaiya 212
Dr Hammill 88
Dr Jaitly 113
Dr Akindele 154
Dr Rahman 169
Nurse Diana Koolmon 115
Nurse Chloe Chambers 73
Nurse Liz Richardson 262
Nurse Debbie James 168
HCS Karen Scarlett 96
Phlebotomy 268
Locums 16

Currently if you have a mobile phone you will receive a text to show the appointment has been booked 24/48 hours before to remind you of your appointment. Click here for details about SMS Text messaging service. We also have a dedicated line 24 hours a day that you can leave a message to cancel your appointment and there is the appointments on line that you can sign up for and book and cancel your appointment at your convenience.

Do you have any ideas on how we can bring down our vast number of DNA's?

If you do then please email the surgery on admin@farleymedical.info

Thank you

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