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Finding it hard to control worrying? Feeling low or down? Struggling with low mood and anxiety after giving birth?

Croydon Talking Therapies is a free, confidential NHS Service for common problems such as depression and anxiety. It’s estimated that around one in four people experience illnesses like these.

In Croydon, this service is available for those who are 17 years and over and registered with a Croydon GP and there are a range of options to support you to feel better and worry less. Many of these can be fit in around your life. There is online support through Silvercloud which is tailored to specific conditions which you can access immediately.

We work from a variety of locations across Croydon, including GP surgeries and other community health clinics. Telephone support can be arranged if individuals need a more flexible option or are unable to attend in person. We also offer sessions out of hours on Mondays-Thursdays.

It is particularly common for those who have been diagnosed with a long term condition, such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pain to feel low, frustrated or worried at times. Croydon Talking Therapies have a dedicated team supporting those with long term conditions.

You don’t have to visit your GP to access these service. To find out more about what’s available, click the link below or call 020 3228 4040.

Croydon Talking Therapies

You can read more information about the service at Croydon Talking Therapies

Please note, this is not an emergency service and is not able to help with crisis situations. If you need immediate help please contact either your GP or go to the Accident and Emergency Department of your local hospital (24hrs).

Alternatively, if you’re experiencing a crisis and need a person talk things through with, you can call the Samaritans 24 hour helpline on 116123 or email

The surgery liaises with Mind in Croydon with regards to Mental Health Issues. Click here to download a PDF containing details of their services (PDF, 944KB) - please note, this PDF is intended for printing out and may not be fully accessible. Details of all Mind in Croydon services can be found on their website

Croydon: What to do in a mental health crisis (PDF 171KB)

Mind In Croydon Newsletters

Mind in Croydon Guide to Mental Health Service's directory

Anger Control Training

Counselling Service

Welfare Benefits Advice

independent Mental Health Advocacy Service

Mental Health for Children

Useful websites/charities and support:

  1. ( useful info for parents and schools to discuss anxiety, bereavement, selective mutism and phobias etc)
  2. ( lots of helpful info for parents/child worried about mental health)
  3. (good for learning to talk about feelings)
  4. ( mental health support for <25yrs, advice on self -care)
  5. ( ways to ‘chill’ mindfulness for children/young adults, lots of self help on a huge range of issues/worries, interactive website )
  6. ( education on mental health)
  7. (teenage mental health Charity) eating disorders, depression ,anxiety and addiction, Free self harm avoidance app : Calm Harm (distraction techniques)
  8. –teaching a child mindfulness
  9. Childbereavementuk.orgage appropriate advice
  10. winstonswish.orgsupport child and families after death of a parent/sibling
  11. for families/siblings living with a seriously ill child

Also useful : Moodcafe website – relaxation therapy for young children

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